Many couples, even very young couples, are dealing with various issues related to fertility. Statistics actually show that more than 10% of the couples in Europe are faced with such a challenge. Whether they are simple or more complex, these situations need a particular approach.

Romanian medicine has many shortcomings in this area. There are few hospitals and clinics that can provide real solutions to more challenging situations and there are also few doctors who have appropriate training to approach infertility problems correctly.

In recent years, hundreds or even thousands of people from Romania have discovered the Austrian medical system where there are many clinics specialising in fertility issues, assisted human reproduction and in vitro fertilisation (IVF) which manage to provide a correct diagnosis and find a solution.

For an in vitro fertilisation procedure, the last solution for many couples is the Austrian clinics. They make use of modern techniques, supported by state-of-the-art medical equipment and devices which can raise the success rate to more than 50%.

Austria Medical may recommend you a clinic in Austria which can offer a viable solution to fertility problems based on invasive or non-invasive treatments:

  • Hormonal treatments;
  • Genetic tests;
  • Pathologic anatomy tests;
  • Intrauterine insemination – IUI;
  • In vitro fertilisation – IVF;
  • Cryo-preservation;
  • Other specific medical procedures;

In Austria you may find – with our help – fertilisation clinics that have long adopted the transfer of blastocysts with very good results. This technique yields a success rate of more than 50% compared to the embryo transfer technique, which has a success rate below 30%.

The whole process is initiated and carefully monitored by the physicians we recommend, at least until pregnancy is confirmed, which is the phase when you may decide to continue medical supervision in your country.

The inappropriate treatment of minor fertility issues may lead to major complications. You should apply directly to a specialist in this field, who can appropriately assess your health condition and that of your partner.

Use confidently the services of Austria Medical to find a good clinic and the right physician for the situation you are dealing with.

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