Over the last decade modern medicine has gone beyond its limits in cancer treatment. Diseases which were incurable 10-15 years ago are perfectly treatable today and patients may go back to their normal lives.

The clinics in Austria are renowned throughout Europe for their interest in this medical branch as shown by their use of the latest techniques and devices, their high-performing laboratories and well-trained doctors.

Efficient cancer treatment starts with a correct diagnosis. There are not few stories of patients in Romanian hospitals who received wrong diagnoses.

No matter if you just want the second opinion of a doctor from a clinic in Austria or you intend to begin treatment in this country, Austria Medical may facilitate your contact with a hospital or an oncologic clinic in Austria.

With our help, you may take advantage of high-quality services:

  • Diagnosis
  • Laboratory tests
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Other specific procedures

Having a large number of medical partners in Austria allows us to find solutions for almost every type of cancer which is treatable today.

Modern technologies used in Austrian oncologic clinics make it possible to speed up the patient’s treatment and to identify with increased efficiency the affected area.

Beyond the treatment of the disease itself, the physicians in Austria also pay special attention to the patient’s psychological condition and even to that of their family. Providing correct and coherent information means, many times, having a positive approach with beneficial effects on a patient’s physical condition and, implicitly, with a better outcome for the treatment.

Use confidently the services of Austria Medical to find a good clinic and the right physician for your situation.

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