Terms and conditions


I. General information

The austriamedical.ro webpage is owned and administered by Adrian Ionescu (Public Relations-Berater), with its office in Schüttaustraße 20-40/8/9, 1220 Wien, Austria, email office@austriamedical.ro (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”).

The purpose of the following mentions including the terms and conditions for access to and use of the Rejoice Platform (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”) is to regulate the contractual relation between You and the Company, and your continued use of the Platform implies that You accept the Terms and Conditions such as set forth herein.

II. The Contract between You and the Company

You are considered to have entered the Contract between You and the Company at the time when you request the services offered through the website www.austriamedical.ro.

III. Information about the Physicians displayed on the webpage

The information about the Physicians presented on our webpage is compliant with the information provided by the Physicians themselves for this purpose. The Company accepts no liability for the information provided by the Physicians and displayed on the website, and the Physicians are solely liable for the accuracy, trustworthiness and complexity of such information.

The Company accepts no liability for any changes which might intervene between the data provided by the Physicians and the current data, which have not been communicated to the Company by the Physicians or which have been communicated to the Company and the Company is in the course of updating it.

IV. Liability of the Company

The Company is not liable with regard to any medical opinions, recommendations, the suggested treatment, and any other information provided by the Physician. The liability lies exclusively with the Physician dealing with Your Case.

V. Processing of personal data

To honour your requests, the Company shall process Your personal data.
By accepting these Terms and Conditions You agree to the processing of Your personal data by the Company and by the Physician dealing with Your case. The Company holds no liability with regard to the way Your personal data is processed by the Physician.

You understand that your data may include – depending on the information and the documents You provide – identification information (Your name, address, Personal Number/CNP, etc.), information of a medical nature, your occupation, and any other kind of personal data. For further details (such as the purpose of data processing, the rights of the data subject, etc.), please refer to the section on the Privacy Policy.

VI. Intellectual and industrial property rights

The content of the Platform (including without being limited to trademarks, stylised representations, text, names, etc.) is owned by the Company. The reproduction, distribution and/or alteration in any way of the Platform content is prohibited.

VII. Conflict resolution and the governing law

The Contract shall be governed by the Romanian law. In case of any disputes, the Company will try to settle them amicably. If this is not possible, the litigation shall be referred to the competent courts of Romania.

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