About us

Since our health is the most precious thing and the moments a patient goes through are quite delicate, we have established a well-documented system enabling any person to come into contact gradually with this medical system, first through a health assessment and then going on with the next steps which involve the examination, the intervention and the treatment.

This way we manage to cut the costs for a Romanian patient who accesses the Austrian medical services.

What Austria Medical is NOT

We are not a medical clinic. We facilitate, through our network of collaborators, your access to the Austrian medical system, i.e. identifying a clinic, a particular physician and making the necessary appointments, offering the benefits and the discounts which only Austria Medical has based on its partnerships with different clinics in Austria.

What we offer

  • Our knowledge of the Austrian medical system
  • Advice and specific recommendations for a successful visit to Austria
  • The experience gained as a result of our personal travels and our work with Romanian patients
  • Patients will be accompanied by a person who is fluent in Romanian, English and German, so as to ensure a perfect coherence of communication and as little stress as possible for patients.

Use confidently our services

Contact us for a free preliminary talk! You will get important information from it, which will help you make a decision on using the medical services provided by one of the best performing health systems in Europe.

Professional medical services

Give yourself an opportunity to receive medical services as you deserve, with costs which, many times, are not more than those in your country!

You will get an answer from us with regard to your medical problems in at most 48h.

We will contact you to give you details about appointments, preliminary costs and the contact information of the specialist physician as appropriate for your problem.

On your request, we can arrange transportation in Vienna!

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